About Us

Royalties International Christian Schools is a movement with modus operandi that is idiosyncratic but very successful. Its vision is born of the Holy Spirit and as a result, the foundation of the school is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We believe that every child is our child hence; our children are given maximum attention. The students are not only developed academically but spiritually, morally and so on. It is based on this that offensive and negative words are considered as sacrilege in the school. No teacher or student is allowed to utter any of such words we consider as taboo.

For us as a school, decorum should be emphasized and inculcated too. It is now a tradition for both the members of staff and our students to greet one another with uttermost respect. Our male greet with a bow while the female with courtesy. We concern ourselves with the development of the child’s mind-set, including financial education. There is no gain re-emphasizing the obvious, this institution is more than a school, it is a vision.

Our Story: Since 1968

The name Royalties International Christian Schools was birthed by a vision. Our vision is to build “Kings” “Royalties” and thus we coined it to reflect our vision. The vision is to raise champions, men and women who will rule their world. Boys and Girls who will grow up to become captains of industries, Great apostles and Pastors, Inventors, Bank executives, and whatever best you can think of. Indeed the stage we are now is the primary stage of the vision. This is just the take-off standard for that ‘International standard we really want for Royalties.

We started precisely on the 2nd of September, 2007 and by 2nd of September this year (2015) we’ll be eight years old. Definitely for every vision, there are bound to be challenges. We’ve had the issue of trying to get the people in the environment to align with the content of the vision. We’ve had to do series of training to that effect. The major challenge we had was when we started off. Less than a year into our rent, after all renovations had been done, we were forced to relocate to the present location of the school due to some uncontrollable circumstances.

This put a lot of pressure on us as we had to start the renovation process all over again at the new place which had been abandoned for about 10years. A lot of funds went in and as a young school, that meant a lot in relation to the little funds that came in, in terms of the fees. This was beside other issues like staff salaries and other general expenses that involved the day-to-day running of the school. But so far, so good, God has been faithful and we’ve weathered the storm and as you can see we are still here waxing strong.

The name “Royalties International Christian Schools was not chosen for the fun of it. And, therefore, with regards to that effect, we decided to go a step further. We had an opportunity to attend a seminar in Dubai as well as visit schools, like “Wellington International”. We were dazed, amazed, astonished, and wowed at what we saw.

The standard, the people, the infrastructure, everything just caused a fresh awakening. We came back with a new resolve to upgrade ‘Royalties International Christian School’ to an International Standard indeed. First of all, there’s going to be a lot more of series of in-house-training to carry the team along.

Also, there’s definitely going to be a new price. For us to get to the level we are looking at, we obviously need lots of funds, so the price increment will help us achieve this.

Finally, during our trip, in one of the training sessions in Dubai, there was a classical example of a child who was written off completely in Mathematics. Now, instead of the parents giving up on the child, they withdrew him from that school and took him to another one while they engaged a lesson teacher to groom him. It will interest you to note that while we were there, it was reported that this child had won the National Mathematics Competition and was to represent the United Arab Emirates.

Now, that is what we are working towards in Royalties; We believe “Every child is a raw diamond”. If you look closely, there is something unique in every child and that is enough reason not to give up on him/her. Royalties International Christian Schools is here to discover those unique potentials in these children that will be of great benefit to the Nation and the world at large. In Royalties, We can proudly say that we are programming them for greatness.