Royalties International Christian Schools

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Royalties International Christian Schools is a movement with modus operandi that is idiosyncratic but very successful. Its vision is born of the Holy Spirit and as a result, the foundation of the school is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We believe that every child is our child hence; our children are given maximum attention. The students are not only developed academically but spiritually, morally and so on. It is based on this that offensive and negative words are considered as sacrilege in the school. No teacher or student is allowed to utter any of such words we consider as taboo.

For us as a school, decorum should be emphasized and inculcated too. It is now a tradition for both the members of staff and our students to greet one another with uttermost respect. Our male greet with a bow while the female with courtesy. We concern ourselves with the development of the child’s mind-set, including financial education. There is no gain re-emphasizing the obvious, this institution is more than a school, it is a vision.

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